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Release Notes: Retention Trends & Average Order Composition
Release Notes: Retention Trends & Average Order Composition

Release from 11th Oct '22: Retention Trends & Average Order Composition are here!

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We are working on some big new features at the moment that are taking some time. πŸ‘€

But since we didn't want to let you starve for something new, we integrated two new reports that will help you better understand how your business is doing.

How retention is driving your business

We already have a few reports in Klar that help you understand your retention and lifetime value.

Up until now, most reports in Klar are quite numbers and tables heavy and we have gotten feedback that you would like some more charts so that you can understand things more visually.

The Retention Trends dashboards is the first step in that direction 🚢

It shows you:

  1. How customers you acquired in the past drive revenue every month

  2. When you are reaching CLV/CAC breakeven --> how long does it take you to break even on your acquisition costs

  3. What characteristics of a new customer lead to high customer lifetime value

We are planning on adding a few more things to this in the future. If you have any feedback what you'd like to see here, please let us know.

Making your P&L more tangible

Our P&L dashboard gives you an always up–to-date view of your margin structure.

But, a total P&L might be misleading as it might hide pockets of orders that are actually not profitable. Small changes here and there can have a big impact on your bottom line.

I had this exact issue in the past myself and built this report to find answers. To be successful in DTC you need to intimately understand your margins πŸ’°

The Average Order Composition dashboard breaks down your P&L on an order level making it easier to understand what is going on.

Not only that. You can also slide the report up across different dimension:

  • Customer Type - New vs Repeat Customers

  • Channel Name, Group or Category - last-click marketing channel of the order.

  • Shipping Country - where was the order shipped to.

Integration of Sales Channel

This might not be important to everyone but for a few brands it's extremely useful. We integrated the Sales Channel from Shopify in both the Channel Builder and some reports like the Cohort Comparison.

The Sales Channel contains information how an order was placed. So if you are using apps like let's say Recharge for Subscription, that information will be in the sales channel.

So now you can also tag recurring subscription orders that previously didn't have any channel information as "Recurring Subscription" so that they don't end up in our fallback channel "Default".

Final Remarks

Thank you for being part of our beta πŸ™

As always, we really appreciate you taking time to send us feedback and feature requests. That really helps us building something great.

And naturally, if you are struggling to understand the reports or how something works, just reach out. We are happy to help 😊

Cillier, Frank, Max

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