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Release: Drilling down on Revenue, Profits and AOV
Release: Drilling down on Revenue, Profits and AOV
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The main goal of our Beta is to gather feedback from all of you so that we can build a product that is truly valuable and supports you in your everyday operations as well as in making strategic decisions.

So today we are releasing two new reports that are built directly based on the feedback we've received.

So please, keep it coming. We keep track of everything. Promise ✌️

Flexibility meets Efficiency

Did you ever wonder, do I actually make money with a certain product? How many orders did a certain influencer generate with his code? Is my refund rate different between marketing channels?

The Revenue & Profit report answers that and much more.

Think of it like a Pivot Table on Steroids, allowing you to combine multiple dimension and filters quickly and efficiently.

So that you get straight to the answer you are looking for.

Not all averages are created equal

We all know that your Average Order Value is a key driver of your shops profitability.

That's why the AOV is already included in multiple reports in Klar.

But, the AOV is just one way of looking at the average. There are others and if you want to truly understand the value distribution of your orders and identify the right action to take to increase the average, simply looking at the overall AOV ist just not good enough.

Luckily, you now have our AOV Report, which shows you

  • Different definitions of your average.

  • Your order, revenue and profit share from different value buckets.

  • Development of your AOV over time and customer lifetime.

Tool Tips Everywhere

Having a common understanding of what a numbers means is crucial.

We already maintain a detailed knowledge base here for all reports and KPIs but you wanted more directly in the reports.

So we added short definitions as tool tips everywhere. Simply hover over the column header or the info icon and you will get a definition of the metric.

Additional Improvements

Based on your feedback, we made some additional smaller improvements and changes in existing reports.

  • We added a dimension drop down to the product section in the Daily Overview so that you can select the dimension you want to use.

  • We create a new product dimension - Product Variant Title. Were we combine the Product Title and Variant Title in case you want to analyse them together.

  • The Cohort Report now also include the dimension "Active Customers" which tells you how many customers of the cohort placed an order each month.

  • Marketing Channels are more integrated into other reports. For example, you can now analyse retention by First Order Marketing Channel in the Cohort Comparison Report.

Final Remarks

Thank you for being part of our beta.

As always, we really appreciate you taking time to send us feedback and feature requests. That really helps us building something great.

And naturally, if you are struggling to understand the reports or how something works, just reach out. We are happy to help 😊

Cillier, Frank, Max

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