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Release: Marketing Overview Report, COGS, Channels & more
Release: Marketing Overview Report, COGS, Channels & more

Release from 16th Feb '22: Marketing Overview Reports, defining COGS per product and report facelifts are here!

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Written by Valentine Strunz-Happe
Updated over a week ago

All in one place

We have been a bit quiet over the last weeks.

That's because we have been working on something big πŸ₯

Integrating all the datasources you can add to Klar with each other.

So now, you can analyse the cost & ad performance, visit behaviour, plus order and revenue for each channel and UTM parameters all within Klar.

No more need to log into 7 different tools everyday to see what is happening. It is all in one place.

For that, we created a new report: The Marketing Channel Overview which gives you the flexibility to analyse your marketing channels and UTMs across 4 different sections:

  1. Overview - As the name suggests gives you an overview of the core KPIs.

  2. Orders & Revenue - Shows you how much revenue/orders each channel generated both on the Shopify/GA Logic as well as the revenue/orders each channels attributed to itself using their own logic.

  3. Profitability - Shows you the profit structure of the orders generated from each channel.

  4. Channel Metrics - Pulls in a bunch of KPIs from the channel's ad account like impressions, clicks, orders and revenue.

For some more information on the report, read the knowledge article for the Marketing Channel Overview.

Setting up your marketing channels

If you haven't done so yet, now is a great time to set up your channels to take full advantage of the Marketing Channel Overview Report.

We created some resources on how the channel builder works and an example of what a typical set up might look like.

However, we have also noticed quite a few brands struggling to set this up themselves. It can be a bit difficult if you are not familiar with these types of things.

Don't worry though:

  1. It only needs to be done once.

  2. We are more than happy to help you with this. Please just reach out :)

We also increased the functionality of the Channel Builder by enabling a prioritization of channels via drag-n-drop in the overview, should you have overlapping rules.

Plus, we also started to integrate the Channels into existing reports. Starting with the Cohort Comparison Report.

So now, you can analyse your customer's retention and lifetime value based on the marketing channel of their first order 🀯

We wish we had that info in the past...

Defining COGS per Product

So far, you could set your COGS as a percentage of the net price.

Many of you told us that this is not accurate enough. So we added the ability to define the actual COGS for each SKU via a Google Sheet.

Simply add the Google Sheet in the datasource section and you are good to go.

Facelift for the reports

As you might have noticed, the design of the reports has changed πŸ’…. Our goal was to get a bit more consistent across reports and use colour to connect different types of information to make it clearer what is going on.

Granted nobody of us is a designer, but we think it came out pretty well and hope you do too :)

Final Remarks

As always, we really appreciate you taking time to send us feedback and feature request. That really helps us building something great.

And naturally, if you are struggling to understand the reports or how something works, just reach out. We are happy to help 😊

Cillier, Frank, Max

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