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Orders & Revenue - Channel Attribution
Orders & Revenue - Channel Attribution

How the Orders & Revenue numbers are set and attributed

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Orders & Revenue numbers based on the attribution logic set in each ad account




The default channel attribution-logic in Klar is based on Google Analytics utm parameters.

However, at times you might also want to analyse and compare the order and revenue figures that each marketing ad account attributes itself. These are also available in Klar and marked with the words "Channel Attribution"


Each channel has its own, or multiple, attribution logic and some even give you the flexibility to customize it. Here an overview of what numbers we display for each ad account:

Please note, that unlike Klar, which uses Net Revenue as a primary revenue KPI which does not include returns and VATs, these revenue & order figures will likely include it depending on your set up.

Facebook Ad Account

We use the attribution setting set for each Ad Set. In most cases this is a 7-day post-click (and 1-day post view).

Orders = Purchase

Revenue = Purchase Value

Google Ads

We use the lookback window set on the account which by default is a 30-day post-click which is also the current maximum we support.

Orders = Conversion

Revenue = Conversion Value

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