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Release: Customer Segments & Data Imports
Release: Customer Segments & Data Imports

Release from 11th Jan '22: Customer Segments and Data Import improvements are here!

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We are super excited to tell you about the latest feature we just released.

Something that we have been quietly building in the background for a while.

Introducing: Customer Segments πŸ₯³

An extremely powerful feature that allows you to drill down into your data.

Most reports in Klar already have filters. But filters can be limited in their functionality.

And not every report might contain the filter that you need.

With Customer Segments, this all changes. You can build segments based on well over 100 different dimensions and define complex rules how different dimension filters should work together.

These segments can then be applied to your reports. For now, we have added Customer Segments to the Cohort Report and Cohort Comparison. But more reports will follow.

More Information on the Customer Segments here: Customer Segment Demo

Plus, we have a big plans for additional features that will be built on top of Customer Segments.

Quick note: We tested this thoroughly, but it is incredibly complex to build. So if think that a segment you created is not including the right customers, please let us know.

Improved Data Import ⏰

We are constantly importing data from your connected datasources.

But depending on the import pipeline, it might have taken some time for the latest data to reflect in Klar.

Based on your feedback, we have released some improvements recently to ensure that every time you log into Klar in the morning, yesterday's data is fully imported.

Final Remarks

With our beta nearing its' end, we want to thank you again for all the questions and feedback you have sent us over the last months.

They helped us to make many small improvements that might not always be worth mentioning to everyone, but allowed us to build an reliable system that adapts to any brand.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach our. We are happy to help 😊

Cillier, Frank, Max

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