How the Influencer CRM works

How the Influencer CRM works and how to configure it

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If you have the Influencer google Sheet and the Influencer CRM connected we prioritise the CRM and don’t pull any data entries from the Google Sheet anymore. But you can import your google Sheet with one click into the CRM.

From then on make sure to add new influencers to the CRM only.

If you prefer to use the google Sheet you can disconnect your CRM in order to pull data from the google sheet (settings -> Store Configurator -> Influencer CRM -> three dots on the right hand side -> disconnect)

There are 3 different levels in the Influencer CRM:

  1. Campaigns

    1. Name your campaigns and set a revenue target and you budget for this campaign

  1. Influencers

    1. Create your Influencers with their data like Name, Platform and category

  2. Cooperations

    1. Create your cooperations with Dates, Cost, UTM Parameters and Discount Codes. Assign an Influencer and a campaign to each cooperation (could be the case, that you have the same influencer for different campaigns, e.g for a new product launch campaign and for a summer sale campaign)

Video description:

00:06 - How does influencer CRM improve the current handling of influencer campaigns in Klar?
00:38 - How to create an influencer CRM in Klar?
00:56 - How to import existing data from Google Sheets into the Influencer CRM?
01:41 - What are the different hierarchy levels within the Influencer CRM?
02:17 - How does the creation and management of influencer partnerships work in Klar?
02:33 - How do you define the roles and categories of influencers in the CRM?
03:45 - How can you create a new campaign in the Influencer CRM and what details can be defined for individual influencer collaborations in the CRM?
05:53 - How do you set up compensation and sales methods for influencers in CRM?
06:07 - How can you manage the tracking and allocation of sales to influencers in the CRM?
06:52 - How is the status of influencer collaborations managed and updated in the CRM?
07:25 - How does budget and future planning work in Influencer CRM?

The Klar Influencer CRM lets you:

  1. Easily create, maintain and link your influencers, campaigns and cooperations as records in a new CRM UI

  2. Keep track of the status of your cooperations and their performance (we'll add advanced planning functionality soon)

  3. Set influencer or channel specific properties like UTM or discount code structures to be automatically replicated when new cooperations are added


The nice thing is you don't need to set your CRM up manually. Simply choose the existing Influencer Google Sheet(s) to be converted into CRM records.

More details on this in the video.

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