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URL Parameters for Influencers/Affiliates
URL Parameters for Influencers/Affiliates

Adjusting your UTM parameters for Influencers/Affiliates to achieve the best tracking results.

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Our Influencer Tracking is deeply integrated with our Influencer/Affiliate Google Sheet Datasource. Influencers are tracked via UTM parameters and discount codes.


In general, there are no specific parameters required to track your Influencers with the Klar tracking pixel. However, three things must be true in order to achieve the highest accuracy tracking results and see them in your reports:

  • You need to use UTM parameters to track your Influencers. Some brands only rely on discount codes, however, this only provides you with a part of the puzzle.

  • The Influencer and the according UTM parameters + discount code need to be entered into Klar’s Influencer/Affiliate sheet.

  • At least one of the UTM parameters has to be a unique identifier for the specific Influencer. For example, if you're using utm_term as your unique id each name can only be used by one Influencer.

If you don't have a UTM parameter strategy in place for your Influencers, or want to optimize your existing setup, we strongly recommend using the following configuration:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to replace the below dynamic values with actual values when creating your links.

utm_source = PLATFORM (dynamic - e.g. facebook / instagram / tiktok)

utm_medium = influencer (static)

utm_campaign = CAMPAIGN NAME (dynamic - e.g. january / winter / summersale)

utm_term = INFLUENCER NAME (dynamic - e.g. pamela / dagibee)


To easily create your Influencer links you can use the Influencer UTM builder from the video above. To do that either follow the video or written guide below:

  • Click HERE to open the Influencer UTM Builder Sheet

  • Press “File” and “Make a copy”

  • After creating the copy press the “Create Tracking Link” Button

  • Allow the script to be run on your Google Account. Make sure to open the additional options to find that setting.

  • Enter the parameters you want to track and create tracking links for all of your Influencers

  • If you need help filling out Klar’s Influencer/Affiliate Tracking Sheet, follow this GUIDE

  • (Optional) Want to deep-dive into your UTM strategy? Take a look at our BLOG ARTICLE


  • Make sure all of your Influencers/Affiliates are using UTM parameters in their links.

  • Update the sheet with new data regularly

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