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The Creative Deep Dive gives you an unparalleled ability to visually analyze which creatives and more importantly, which aspect of each creative is driving performance.

It is built for modern eCom marketing teams where creators, media buyers and strategists are working hand in hand.

To start using the Creative Deep Dive be sure to reauthenticate your Facebook datasource, even if you already see some creatives. That way we can be sure to have full access to pull everything that we need - check here for detailed instruction (especially if you are whitelisting creatives).

After your creatives have been pulled, you can sort them in various ways like:

  • Revenue

  • ROAS

  • Spend

  • CTR

  • Thumb-Stop Ratio

And many more. That way you can easily identify your top/bottom performers for each KPI.

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All Video Ads can be viewed directly within Klar.

Simply press Next below the slider of a creative to also access the video and press play.

Also Dynamic Ads are not a a problem. All creatives that are being used in the ad will be visible via the slider.

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Group your creative in any way that you want.

  • Ad ID - this will show you each ad separately.

  • Ad Name - this will group all creatives with the same name together and sum up their data.

  • Creative - here we check across various markers to identify if an ad is the same and if so, sum up their data.

The same creative is often used multiple times. Creative grouping is therefore a powerful feature to make sure that you are getting the whole picture.

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Whitelisting is fully supported.

So if you are running your ads through a creator account, no problem. Just make sure that you are following the steps during the reauthentication process and you get access to the same set of features even when whitelisting.

During the launch phase we will also pull up to 6 months of historic creatives. This is to minimize the risk that pulling your creative data will lead to your current FB data not being imported. Facebook unfortunately has thresholds for these things that we can't circumvent.

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