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How the Payment Status is defined

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Klar uses the same payment statuses as Shopify.

In the table below you can see all payment statuses and how Shopify defines them.




Orders have the Payment pending status for one of the following reasons:

  • During checkout, a customer pays with a different payment method than credit card. In this case, the Payment pending status indicates that the payment provider has started processing, but needs time to complete the payment. The order is created, customers can complete the checkout, and inventory is reserved for the order, but payment isn’t guaranteed.

  • You create an order, check Payment due later, and then set the payment terms.

  • Manual payment methods, such as Cash On Delivery, are activated for your store. An order is created using a manual payment method.


The payment provider validated your customer’s payment information. The Authorized status is only displayed if you capture payments manually and it is your cue to capture payments before the authorization period expires. The Authorized payment status is used with credit card and some other payment methods.

The order is created, customers can complete their checkout, and inventory is reserved.


The payment wasn't captured before the due date that was set in the payment terms on an order that had the Payment pending status.


Expiring isn't a payment status, but the Expiring badge is displayed two days before the deadline for capturing payment on orders that have the Authorized payment status.


The payment wasn't captured before the date that was set by the payment provider on an order that had the Authorized payment status.

Some payment providers that provide alternatives to credit card and cash payments, use the Expired status to indicate that they were unable to process the payment. Contact your payment provider to see if the payment can still be captured.


Payment was automatically or manually captured, or the order was marked as paid.


The full amount that the customer paid for an order was returned to the customer.

Partially refunded

The amount that was returned to a customer is less than the full amount that the customer paid for an order.

Partially paid

You manually captured payment for the order and specified less than the full order value as the payment amount.


An unpaid order was manually canceled.


Unpaid payment status includes orders that are in Authorized, Pending, Expired and Partially paid payment status.

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