How to check your Logistics Costs
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Setting up your logistics costs per region is done in the costs section in the Store Configurator within Klar.

A region can be one country or multiple countries combined in a single region. For each region, you can set your logistics costs separately from each other.


To see what the logistics costs for a specific country/region in Klar are, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Revenue & Profit" Flex Table

  2. Set the first dimension to "Shipping Country"

  3. Set the metric display to "Per Order"

Now you can see the average logistics costs per shipping country and break it down further, using the second dimension and filters.

You can also break the 2nd dimension down by "shipping type" if you have set up different shipping methods in Klar (eg.: expedited vs. standard).

Or you can break the 2nd dimension down by "order name" to see the logistics costs for individual orders.

This helps understand what impact weight ranges might have on your logistics costs.

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