How to check Payment Fees
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To check your payment fees in Klar, they need to be set up properly in the "Store Configurator" in the "Costs" section. Entering processing & method fee rates for your payment providers.


To see what the payment fees for a specific provider in a given time period are in Klar, do the following:

  1. Go to the Revenue & Profit Flex Table to the Profitability tab.

  2. Set the first dimension to "Payment Method".

  3. Set the second dimension to "Order Name".

Now you are able to precisely see the calculated payment method fees for each payment method.

You can also remove the second dimension and switch to the Revenue tab to get a better overview of how often each payment method was used and quickly identify if a specific payment method has not yet been configured.

Or you could further drill-down adding other dimensions.

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