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Discount Code Value & Rate
Discount Code Value & Rate

How the Voucher Value and Rate are defined and calculated

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The total price reduction through discount & voucher codes and cart rules.


Discount Code Rate = Discount Code Value / (Gross Merchandise Value - Price Reductions)


The Discount Code Value shows you by how much the Checkout Price of your orders was reduced because people applied a voucher/discount code. Discounts on Shipping Charges are also included in this number.


We differentiate between Price Reductions & Discount Codes.

The Voucher Value contains reductions to specific line-item with a product's share of any cart-wide discount.

Building up on the example for the Price Reduction. When you are selling a product that originally costs €50, but you then reduced the Price in Shopify by €10 to €40 on which the customer uses a 10% discount code, then:

Price Reduction: €10

Discount Code Value: €4

The Discount Code Value also includes discounts granted on Shipping Charges.

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