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Klar API - Introduction
Klar API - Introduction

Programatically import your data into Klar

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In Klar you can authenticate a set of data sources that are currently natively supported to import your order and marketing data. If your data source currently is not supported you can import your order data using this API.

The use of this API requires an existing Klar account.

This document should equip you with the necessary knowledge to successfully import your order and returns data into Klar.

Authenticate first ...

All endpoints require Authentication.

then you have to decide:

Then it depends if you want to import everything in one Order object, use our Orders endpoint.

Otherwise you have the choice if you want to import COGS, Logistics Costs or Refunds separately.

This comes in handy for example if your shop system provides you with order data (and might be already connected to Klar) but doesn't manage refunds or you're receiving logistics costs or COGS from an external system like an ERP.

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