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Update Data on your Reports on demand (Shopify only)
Update Data on your Reports on demand (Shopify only)

How our real-time logic works and how to update your numbers on demand

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This feature is currently only available for Shopify users only.

Other shop systems like Shopware unfortunately limit us in the realisation due to their lack of webhooks.

You can now access your up-to-date numbers in all your Klar reports whenever you need it. Close to real-time.

That means, as a Shopify user you can trigger a refresh of your data every hour by clicking the "Refresh" button on a store in the left menu..

This will trigger the following updates on your numbers:

  • Shopify order numbers and customer actions tracked by the Klar pixel are imported from that point in time.

  • The marketing platforms, such as Meta, Google, TikTok etc. will be refreshed with data from a checkpoint taken during the last hour. So we have a maximum time lag of one hour.

This takes 5-10 minutes to be imported & displayed in your store.

Be aware that the refresh can be triggered once per hour between 8am and 7pm CET only.

We're continuously working on boosting this frequency in the next weeks. Just wanted to provide you with something to work with for most brands' peak season already.

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