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(Bought) directly after
(Bought) directly after

Which customers are included in the "bought directly after" relationship metric

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% of customers that did the Child activity directly after the Parent activity.




This is relationship metric shows you the percentage of customers that have done the Child activity directly after doing the Parent activity.


It is important to note that this is relationship is on an order level, not a customer level.

So if one customer orders the face cream twice, but then only orders the night serum directly after it once, the percentage would be 50%.


Let's say we are talking about the relationship between to products being orders with the Parent being a face cream and the Child being a night serum.

This metric will give you the percentage of ordered that contain the night serum that directly followed an order an order for the face cream by the same customer.

So if 100 orders where placed for the face cream and 31 of next orders placed by the same customer contain the night serum, the percentage would be 31%.

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