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Discount object schema for Klar API

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Type: string

Description: Title of the discount that was applied.

Example Value(s): 'Spring Promotion `22' or 'Subscriber Discount'


Type: string

Description: A longer string to describe the discount.

Example Value(s): 'Spring Promotion `22 - 10% off everything' or 'Once off 10% discount for newsletter subscribers.'


Type: string

Description: Legacy field. Will be deprecated in future versions.


Type: boolean

Description: Boolean value representing if discount is a voucher or not.

Example Value(s): true or false


Type: string

Description: The actual voucher code that was used to apply the discount.

Example Value(s): 'SPRING-10' or 'NEWSLETTER-10'


Type: string

Description: More information regarding the type of voucher that was used in that order.

Example Value(s): 'New Customers' or 'Promotion on Marketplace X'


Type: number

Description: The discount amount that was applied to each lineItem of this order. Usually discounts by vouchers are equally distributed across order items or only apply to specific items in that order. Should be the value for one lineItem (as in not multiplied by quantity).

Example Value(s): 5.00 or 3.33

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